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Schreier - Sunstein

Schreier, Jason

Blood, Sweat, and Pixels: The Triumphant, Turbulent Stories Behind How Video Games Are Made





Computer and Technology Industry

Video and computer games


Schwab, Charles

Invested : changing forever the way Americans invest 



332.6092. SCH


Schwab, Charles

Investment advisors–United States–Biography

Financial services industry–United States

Investments–United States

Schwarzkopf, H. Norman

It Doesn’t Take a Hero : General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, the autobiography



355  SCH


Schwarkopf, H. Norman, 1934 – 2012

United States Army – Biography

Generals – United States – Biography

Schwarzman, Stephen A.

What It Takes: lesson in the pursuit of excellence



658.4 SCH


Blackstone Group–Biography

Chief executive officers–US–Biography

Securities Industry–Management

Nadella, Satya

Shaw, Greg

Nichols, Jill Tracie

Hit Refresh : the quest to rediscover Microsoft’s soul and imagine a better future for everyone



338.7  NAD


Microsoft Corporation–History

Microsoft Corporation–Employees

Chief executive officers – US – Biography

Computer software industry–United States

Organizational change

Information society

Technology–social aspects


Shelton, Hugh

Levinson, Ronald

McConnell, Malcolm

Without Hesitation : the odyssey of an American warrior



355.0092  SHE


Shelton, Henry H.

United States Army – Biography

US Special Operations Command – Biography

United States – History, Military – 20th century

United States – History, Military – 21st century

United States – Military policy

McNish, Jacquie

Silcoff, Sean

Losing the Signal: the untold story behind the extraordinary rise and spectacular fall of Blackberry



338.4 MCN


Corporate & Business History

Industries — Computer Industry

Blackberry (Smartphone)

Young, Jeffrey S.

Simon, William S.

iCon : Steve Jobs, the greatest second act in the history of business



3387  YOU


Jobs, Steve, 1955 – 2011

Apple Computer, Inc. – History

Computer engineers – United States – Biography

Smith, Brad

Browne, Carol Ann

Tools and Weapons : the promise and the peril of the digital age



303.48  SMI


Computer science–social aspects

Cyberspace–social aspects

Digital electronics–Moral and ethical aspects

Computer crimes

Smith, Michael D.

Telang, Rahul

Streaming, Sharing, Stealing: Big data and the future of entertainment



384.3 SMI


Streaming technology (Telecommunications)

Data transmission systems

Big data

Motion pictures

Stone, Brad

The Everything Store : Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon



381. STO


Bezos, Jeffrey (Firm)

Success in business


Electronic commerce – United States

Booksellers and bookselling- United States

Internet bookstores

Thaler, Richard H.

Sunstein, Cass R.

Nudge : improving decisions about health, wealth, and happiness



330.01. THA


Economics – Psychological aspects

Choice (Psychology) – Economic aspects

Decision making – Psychological aspects

Consumer behavior